Spademan Christmas Tree Farm has over 35 years of experience growing and caring for trees.  In the late 1960’s the land was planted in Scotch pine and farmed specifically for Christmas trees.  Now we offer a number of different forest products and services.

Forest Products include: Over 10 varieties of Christmas Trees, Landscape trees both deciduous and coniferous,  Potted evergreens and Seedlings, Seasoned firewood, Custom built log cabins, Logs, Lumber, Fence posts, Mulch, plus many other naturally renewable products.

Services include: Woodlot management and consulting by a certified Forest Technician, Tree planting and removal, Stump grinding, Wood chipping, Reforestation, Tree spading, Logging, Pruning, plus many other tree and forest related services.

We take pride in our work and with our wealth of knowledge and experience we will continue to manage the trees of today so future generations can enjoy our natural resources.  “In this plastic, artificial world today, it’s nice to hold on to a few of the old traditions.”


All our trees are 100% naturally grown without the use of pesticides, hebicides or any other chemicals.  Christmas trees are available to the public by way of Choose and Cut - harvest your own. OR choose from our selection of Pre Cut Imported Balsam and Fraser Firs.


Plantation Trees

Christmas trees are the most environmentally friendly crop around.  For every tree harvested, another is planted in it’s place.  One acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen to support 18 people.  After use, the tree is 100% biodegradable.  Trees in the field are cared for by keeping down competition from weeds, corrective pruning each year and, annual shearing to give them shape.  Grass between the rows is mowed regularly.

boring.jpgOn The Farm
Spademan Tree Farm isn’t in the business of selling trees, we’re selling memories and traditions.  We provide our customers with the complete experience.  Besides the enjoyment of harvesting your own tree we offer COMPLIMENTARY wagon rides, hot chocolate, and candy canes.  Hot apple cider, cookies, open fire, saws, tree shaking, balling and boring are also available.  We also have crafts and tree stands for sale in our Christmas Shoppe.  Imported fir trees from Eastern Canada are also available at a reasonable price.
Note - Wagon rides and snack shack are available weekends only - beginning November 26 

Tree Species Available: White and Blue Spruce, Balsam, Douglas and Fraser Fir, White and Scotch Pine


(or by appointment only - before November 26)

  8:00am - 5:00pm

Matthew Youmans
Owner / Operator - Certified Forest Technician
545 Regional Rd.21
Port Perry, On.
L9L 1B5
Office  1-905-985-7291
Cell      1-289-404-7269

Map and Directions

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